Sojourn #5

This week’s practice lets you explore a bit of a few things. Lets dump, art spill and journal! None of this needs to take lots of time. This is like appetizers of journaling. A little bit of a few wonderful things.

We are going to start out with a brief version of Morning Pages, kind of like a mini dump. So decide how you can make at least 10 minutes of time in the morning before you begin your day to do this one bit of this daily practice. It will work best if you can do it before you do anything else, even coffee… however if you need to have coffee, tea, or whatever first, okay. Just don’t run the coffee machine, take a shower, make breakfast and watch the morning news blurb before you do your dump. This defeats the purpose.

Do your best, take out one sheet of paper or open to one page of your journal and dump your brain. In this case, size doesn’t matter… your paper size can be whatever you have handy, whatever you feel comfortable with. Think… Fast an Furious… Fill the front of that one page with ANYTHING then be done. With that part of the practice. If you have more time and want to do the other parts of this practice you can. But you can do the other two parts anytime during the rest of your day.

On the backside of your page I want you to doodle or collage on one half of the page and on the other half of the back of the page I want you to make a journal entry regarding an aspect of something going on in your life. You can write one word, one line, fill the entire half page or anything in between. That’s it! All done!

Work on this practice every day this week. I will be interested to know how it went for you, when you come back next week.

If you have any questions or need any moral support, please leave a comment! I will get back to you as soon as I can!!! Also please share your experiences! I would love to hear from you!


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