My Bodacious BLOG/SITE Lists

My Awesome Art/Creative Journaling SITE List

Kelly Kilmer: Artist and Instructor’s awesome site. I started my Art Journaling Adventure with Kelly. I was absolutely intimidated by paint, drawing and those artisty things. Kelly showed me how to express myself in color and images that I could easily tear from my life and glue down for art journal fantasticness simply and easily… and I have never stopped! I recommend anything Kelly breaths artistic life into! Blog:

Comfortable Shoes Studio is the home of artist/bookbinder extraordinaire. Leslie’s blogs are chock full of very helpful, down to earth, informative information about journaling, art supplies, and techniques. At Leslie hosts all sorts of Art Journaling classes, including Les’ own “New to Art Journaling” one of my absolute favorite, free Beginning Art Journaling class!!! All these sites are not to be missed! So don’t do it! The blogs: and . The site, Art Journal: It’s All Good,

Jen’s Journal Wild covers all sorts of journaling: Written Journaling, Art Journaling, The Creative Life, and Your Wild Self! Jump into her site and find all its juicy goodness! The site:

Moira Anne Richardson, a.k.a. Crafty Moira. I found her on one of my favorite Art Journaling Class sites I was just getting comfortable with using art supplies. I took a couple of Moira’s classes and learned so much. Her classes are fun, non-intimidating and loaded (and I mean bursting) with videos, lessons, and a great time. The original classes I took in 2012 are still available (and I highly recommend them)! And Yippie Skippie, Moira is updating some of these classes as I type this. Visit her blog! Check out her classes! The blogs: and the site:

Effy Wild: an artful life. One of my favorite sites, favorite artists, favorite teacher and one of the most dedicated and hardworking art journalist/instructor/bloggers in the business! She really cares about her art and her students! You can’t lose with anything Effy Wild. The sites: and

Andrea Schroeder’s Creative Dream Incubator is a magical realm of creativity, fun, and dreams come true. She has loads of classes on art journaling and all sorts of other ways to use creativity and art to make your life more sparkly and full of awesomeness. If you are new to art journaling or are in the least bit intimidated by art (but would like to find a way to try), visit Andrea! No art skills needed, I promise! I have taken lots and lots of her classes, I know! Site:

Jennibellie is an awesome artist, blogger, youtuber, and online class instructor. I found Jennibellie on youtube, then found her blog and her online classes (which I have taken quite a few). I think you will love her as much as I do!

Alisa Burke Redefine Creativity. I love her art! I love her blog! I love her classes! She makes beautiful art, my favorite being her doodle work that is extraordinary. I visit her blog often and have never taken a class of hers I didn’t love.

Dawn DeVries Sokol‘s blog. I have learned so much from Dawn, so I keep a close eye on her site to see what she is doing…

Connie Solera’s Dirty Footprints Studio when I first started out art journaling… and Connie was first starting out with her 21 Secrets: art journaling workshop online classes. I found a free art journal course on her site and after trying and loving it, joined the first 21 Secrets. Her site mainly has information about her upcoming classes but she also has sprinkled in information and free goodies, so I check in often. The site:

Studio Tangie Baxter. She has lots of really great classes, workshops, and planner components. Her blog, under the Features Tab, is really fun.

No Excuses Art with Gina Rossi Armfield. This is another artist that I took her No Excuses Art Workshop when I first started art journaling. Now Gina Rossi Armfield has a book describing the No Excuses Journaling technique. She uses a lot of water-color in her journaling and classes.

Jane Davenport. If you love to draw and paint in your art journal, Jane’s workshops are as beautiful as they are excellent. Her blog is excellent and she has a bubbly upbeat personality you can’t help loving!

Lisa Sonora has an interesting view on creativity and journaling. It is worth a look to see what she is up to.

Hope Wallace Karney‘s site that mixes the old with the new. I love her lettering. It is always fun to visit her site, see her work, and see what classes she has available.

Gulf Sprite is artist, painter, teacher Christy Sobolewski. Her classes and you tube channel are excellent! I was so lucky to take one of her free art journaling classes and what a class! It was as extensive as any paid classes I have ever taken. I was blown away. I have taken some of her other classes and they are so great, you get so much for your investment!

Traci Bunkers. One of my all time favorite artist/instructor/author/art journalists. I took my very first art journaling class from Traci. I had no art related knowledge and was intimidated and so scared. Somehow on the web I found Traci and her class Postcards from the Edge. It was a postcard class with Traci’s fun and funky bent on it. It was perfect! I could use everything I learned in Postcards in my first journal… and boy did I. It was hours of so totally amazing instruction presented in the most unintimidating, simple way! I learned how to use paints and all sorts of other art supplies (I sure wish she would offer the class again because I would do it all again)! Her site has tutorials, videos and updates on her workshop offerings… and information on her book!

Teresa Robinson – Developer of Right Brain Planner TM has an amazing creative planner site. Teresa aka Stargardener’s ideas and vision has found a way to my heart and my journaling style reflects bits of what I have learned from this talented artist. If you need a planner or a planner revamp… this is the site for you! and

Jamie Ridler Studios. I love Jamie’s weekly email newsletter. Every week I can’t wait to see what she is reading and what she is blogging about! Her site has classes, a blog, and all sorts of creative living resources.

Balzer Designs: art + life by Julie Fei-Fen Balzer. Julie has one of the best sites ever! She has a great blog with all sorts of art journaling goodness. Her site is not to be missed. And her classes, awesome. I have taken bunches of them and I would recommend them for beginners, intermediate… every journaler!! She is one of my all time favorites!! Don’t miss her site!

A Colorful Journey with Carolyn Dube. If you are a fan of bright, beautiful color, this site is for you!

Lisa Congdon. Love this site for doodling, quote ideas, and her classes on the Creativebug site are fabulous (see more on my Bodacious Online Classes page)!

Dispatch from LA by Mary Ann Moss. If sketch book art journaling is your favorite thing, you won’t want to miss this site!

Artists Lorraine Bell, Sandi Keene, Rae Missigman, and Roben-Marie Smith present their site Art To The 5th thier workshop the Original Documented Life Project.

Suzi Blu Art. I first stumbled on to Suzi on Youtube. Her incredible art and irrespressible style had me hooked.

Scrap Time: “More than just scrapbooking”. A fun art journaling site.

Valerie Sjodin. Nice Art Journaling site.

Ronda Palazzari Designs. Ronda has some rockin’ free and beginner art journaling classes!

Aisling’s Artist Journals. Nice little site for some quick beginner art journaling information

Daisy Yellow. Lots and lots of art journaling goodness. Don’t miss this site.

Journal Girl: Artist and Creative Warrior. Blog, Video Guides, Inexpensive Classes, Books and Zines: Samie has it all goin’ on!

Creativity Unleashed by Traci Bautista. Flashy, glitzy site. Fun site to look at but her offerings are a bit pricy, I suspect because she is such an Art Journaling Super Star.

Words of Me Project by scrapwordsmom. Just found this site and it looks interesting.


My Wildly Wonderful Written Journaling SITE/BLOG list

Jen’s Journal Wild covers all sorts of journaling: Written Journaling, Art Journaling, The Creative Life, and Your Wild Self! Jump into her site and find all its juicy journaling goodness!

Amber Lea Starfire’s Writing Through Life.

Journaling Journeys: tips and inspiration for creative journal keeping by Shaynie.

Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll. A site with a very interesting system to organize your journal. I give this one two thumbs up!

Susannah Conway blog is chock full of all sorts of creative goodness.

4 thoughts on “My Bodacious BLOG/SITE Lists

  1. Holy Moly, I will have to check these out! I know three or four…let’s see- Jen (journal Wild), Lisa SOnora, Daisy Yellow and Jamie Ridler. Love these ladies. I am not so much into art journaling…but more writerly…but I also enjoy appreciating and being inspired by those who express their creativity differently than me as that in itself is inspiring and refreshing. I have been wanting to try Bullet Journaling recently…although, I have often thought it would be too rigid for me, I am moving toward openness toward it- as of recently!


    • I tend to find new ways of doing something, say Bullet Journaling, and turning it on its head. I filled one Moleskin with Bullet Journaling, but you are right it seemed too rigid… besides I found something really cool… Midori Journals. So, I made a Midori Bullet Journal with neon pink, green, yellow and orange pages. The colorful paper helps me to be looser and creative… with the benefits of indexing what the journal holds. Make whatever you try your own!

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