Sojourn #3

So, how did your spilling go? I hope it went great! The big question is… how did it feel? How did you feel? Did you look at your weekly spilling? I know, I asked you not to. The reason is that often people’s inner critic is cruel and tells them, no matter what they have done, that their journaling is bad. This seems to be especially true for people spilling added materials, especially if you don’t feel very artistic. If you take a look after you quickly spill, your critic says “that sucks” (or something similar), and you may give up. I didn’t want that. At all. Spilling is good. No matter what your critic says. It is a part of you spilled on a page. Scribbled writing… receipts, junk mail, emotional rantings, thoughtful imaginings… you. You spilled yourself, what makes your day, recorded a part of your life in that moment. How could that be bad. It might not be what you consider pretty. Does that matter? If it does, we will deal with that… a bit later. For now, I wanted you to find some value in the act of spilling. My hope was that you felt good when you finished. Maybe less stressed. Maybe satisfied. Maybe peaceful. Hopefully it was rewarding.

Here’s an example of three of my entries – two written, one with ephemera:

Now, as you were spilling, you might have been concerned with privacy. When we spill, all matter of spilling may occur. You might not be willing to share it with anyone but yourself as you are spilling. The question is how can you keep your journaling private. Most journals do not come with a tiny lock and if they did those tiny locks are just an red flag waving “read me”. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to lock up you journal… hide it…

I had never been too worried about privacy and my journaling. I wrote personal entries but was not concerned that anyone would read my journal without my permission. But recently, I did some particularly emotional writing about a very important relationship. I did worry about privacy. I had written an entry in my Visual Journal, one I would like to be able to have others freely explore. What about this entry? Did I want to share it? No. This time I didn’t. But the spilling had been important to me. There it was scribbled out on the page. What would I do? I covered it. The writing went from right to left. What I did was write perpendicularly from that from top to bottom… covering over the entry. It covered over it quite well and looked rather artistic. Painting or collaging over an entry works too.

It will be up to you to decide how privacy plays a part in your journaling. If there is or if there becomes a concern, please be true to yourself and address it. It is hard to honestly journal if you are concerned about privacy and have not decided what to do about it. Be respectful of yourself and your journaling. If privacy is or becomes a concern have a plan on what to do about it.


This week, continue your spilling daily. For ten minutes or longer, whatever feels right. Once this week ,experiment with a method to keep a portion of your spilling private. Scribble over it. Paint over. Write over a section perpendicularly. Journal about where you might keep your journal if privacy ever becomes a worry. Something short, or longer. Just consider it and come up with an option or two, or three… The stop back by next week! Happy Spilling!


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