Junk Journal Update

I promised an update of my Junk Journal. It took me so long because I really didn't like how the cover came out. The papers I chose, maroon and purple zebra stripes and light purple and maroon leopard spots, looked good until I glued it to my journal. Once I did it just looked so dark and uninviting. The leopard accent paper wasn't so bad but there wasn't enough of it. Yuck.


Adding clear glitter glue on the dark patterns just made bad worse. Somehow the glue turned the dark maroon color an aweful green. Yes, I double checked, the glitter glue was clear. I could have added more of something or paint over it and try again but I was afraid of making it even worse. So in instances where I am not satisfied with how a project came out, I just set it aside, wait a bit then re-evaluate.

So, here it is. I really like the ribbons and bows.


Inside, I added scrapbook paper, used ink pad and crumpled the paper page, and then to fill in the rest of the pages I used acrylic paint and applied with a credit card. What is nice about the paint/card technique is that you end up applying only a very thin amount of paint that dries quickly. I painted all the pages in two sittings. I tried hard to have my two page spreads have similar colors so that both pages kind of go together.



Truthfully, I have not even started filling it yet. Not sure why. Probably because I have moved on to some other projects. The truth is I have more than plenty of junk to add to my Junk Journal… I just need to set aside some time to put it in! Once I do, I will do another update.

Have you made a Junk Journal? How did you make it? What was your favorite ways to decorate the pages? What have you put in it? What is your favorite part of your Junk Journal?




Focus or Lack of It and Journaling

One of my struggles has been to stay focus on a project and continue it to the end. I have noticed that isn’t easy for me and very often I move from project to project, never completing one before moving on to the next. I thought that it was a matter of distraction, or boredom. And I do think that plays a part. Really though, I do finish the project… in my own way.

I just wrote an updated post about my Junk Journal. That was truly an on again off again project. Mainly because I hated how the cover came out. I hadn’t done much work to it, other than adding ribbons to support the inner pages and once I finished the cover I didn’t like it. I fooled around with it adding a bit of sparkle. Glitter is always good, right? Well the sparkle might have been nice but my glitter glue changed the color of my paper in a really icky way. The dark maroon color over the plum background went terribly wrong. My clear glitter glue turned whatever was underneath it, maroon zebra stripes and leopard spots an awful looking green. Yucko! I have no idea how the clear glue could possibly turn (of all colors) green but there it is. What I thought was a once dark, boring cover, now looked absolutely dreadful – and I hated even looking at it. I had no idea what to do with it. Sure I could paint over it and start all over but I didn’t feel it, at all. So I put it aside.

Junk Journal


No worries. While I was making my Junk Journal, I happened apon an article about Midori Journals. They are a nifty little journal cover that you put little notebooks/booklet and such in. The notebooks and other additions are held in by elastic cords strung in the middle of the inside of the cover. As I looked at it I thought, hey, I could make one of those. So I had some stiff, treated cotton fabric and went to town. I actually covered it with the purple leopard spotted paper I used for the Junk Journal. It was the lighter color that I had used as an embellishment. I glued the papers on the canvas really thick and it turned out pretty nice. I liked the cover way better than my Junk Journal… except when I folded the cover over at the binding the paper started to get little tears in it. Now I have used this paper technique on another collaged covers and I didn’t have a bit of trouble with tears. It didn’t make me happy, but I did finish by stringing the elastic and using it as my daily traveling journal until I could get one I really liked (that didn’t look like a mess).


I jumped from that to designing the booklets for my Midori. At first I made more structured type daily pages. I was going to use my computer to make the pages but sadly I had computer problems and my desktop was out of commission and I needed that to format pages correctly. Or did I?

I really wanted to start using my Midori daily to keep track of some of the things I wasn’t handling so well. Like budget and finances, blog statistics, my calendar. So I hand-made my own, using washi tape and my own lettering. The resulting booklets, which was only going to be a test until I got my computer up and running, turned out to be really cool. I used one booklet. Changed the pages a bit. Tried it some more. Finally I decided I really didn’t like wasting so much space if I didn’t have something to write in the sections I had made for my daily pages. So I made a blank booklet on fun colored papers with a grid pattern. Even though I missed my graphics, I felt like I only used the space I needed per day and that was better.


I used the new booklet for several weeks and then… I just stopped using my Midori. Again, I had found another project to work on. I wanted to make a special journal for keeping track of my tarot practice. I use tarot cards, not for fortune-telling but more as a way to look at different options and different ways of looking at things happening in my life. I am slowly learning the cards. To make it easy I wanted to make a journal where I could write down my meanings and notes about each card. I wanted to have different sections so that I could easily find what I was looking for. And I wanted it to be fun! I had a Moleskin Journal that I wasn’t using… So I grabbed it and used foam stamps I made from jewelry, coins, shells… all sorts of stuff around the house, got out my distressed ink pads and stamped each section with a color and design that I thought went with that particular section. It was super easy and I loved how it came out. [ It is a quick (because you really don’t have to wait for the ink to dry before going on to the next page), easy, way to bring color and design to your pages. If you use lighter colors you can see any ink pen you might use to journal in it. If you use darker colors you may want to use a dark black felt tip like marker or even a dark brush tip marker for your journaling.]


I finished that and do you think I have used it yet? No. I haven’t. I am focusing on an online class and my daily practices.

So, why do I jump from project to project? Why can’t I finish? Well in a way I do finish. The secret is in the making of this or that… I look at something, decide, hey I can figure out how to make that… and I do. My hope is that I will get back to it and really use whatever I have made. But if I don’t, the point is I made whatever it is, in the first place. That is what the original goal and I did it.

How ’bout you? Do you find yourself jumping from project to project? How does that feel to you? Please, let me know!



Distraction and Art Journaling

I haven't blogged sooner because I have been distracted. Distracted by all sorts of cool, interesting, and fun projects. It all started with my Junque Journal. I was all set. I had gone to Hobby Lobby and picked up the ribbon and scrapbook paper I needed. Whammo! My planner class talked about Midori Planners and I just had to refurbish what I had so I could start using a Midori to (hopefully) get a grip and a plan on my daily life. So I used some of the scrapbook paper from my Junque Journal stash to cover some thick cotton canvas…and Viola…I made my own Midori cover. I just strung it with elastic. Easy peasy! Then I needed to learn how to make and print out my own inserts. I ended up hand lettering my inserts because I couldn't find a Word Processing app for my tablet that could do columns, the Word Processing program I tried to download to my laptop didn't load properly, and I just didn't want to wait! I actually like the inserts I made better. Besides it is kind of neat that I can make my own.

As a result my Junque Journal is sitting in the same place I left it two weeks ago. I think part of it was, I made the cover and it just doesn't jazz me at all. It just doesn't have the pizzazz I wanted and I don't know how to fix it in a way that won't completely botch it all up. As soon as I kind of got stuck with what to do with my Junque Journal… the Midori project jumped into my life and got me focused on something different.

The good thing about this example of distraction is that one project switched to another. I actually feel like I really accomplished something really good and helpful with my Midori planner. I have been able to establish some really helpful habits and feel like I have more control over my life just because of my new planner.

This isn't always the case. I can easily be distracted by the internet surfing, watching television, or any number of other unproductive behaviors. And that happens to me plenty.

The thing is to notice. Have I been distracted from my project? If yes, why… Is it because of another, bright shiny project? Or are you being distracted into unproductive behaviors? Why do you think this is happening? Are you getting bored with your current project? Has it come to a stand still? Or have you found another project that sparks your interest?

This time, my distraction was a good one! I put off my Junque Journal for a bit and feel like I got a GREAT Midori planner in return! I wish all my distractions could be as productive as this one!

How about you? Do you get distracted from journaling and other projects? How does it make you feel? Do you do anything that helps? Let me know, I would love to hear!


Art Journal, Junque Journal, Smash Book: What is the Difference?

I am still working on my Junque Journal. I hope to have an update very soon. As I was working on the cover and cutting scrapbook paper to glue in my Junque Journal… thinking how much longer everything was taking then I figured… I wondered, what is the difference between and art journal, a junque journal, a smash book and a scrapbook? And why does it matter?

This is strictly my opinion, but I consider a smash book to be a container very much like a junque journal. A place to put all the day-to-day things you accumulate that helps you remember your life. The difference I think is that most smash books are pre-made with decorated pages. You can find a smash book online or in a craft store, buy it, and immediately start “smashing” stuff in. Of course, like a junque journal and art journal… if you want, you can add your own art (and writing) to decorate and/or document your life along with your smashables. You can also buy lots of accessories to smash in. Note tags… stickers… papers… lots of scrapbooky kind of stuff. So it can become something like a scrapbook for yourself without all the planning. I kind of think of scrapbooking as planned pages where you use scrapbooking decorations and ephemera to decorate the pages. A smash book seems the same, except the pages aren’t designed to be so planned (so it takes very little time), and of course it is about you.

A junque journal keeps all your life spillage-but you make it. You make your journal from an ordinary composition book (or the like) then YOU prepare your junque journal with decorated pages to use to show off the “junque” you put in it. You can certainly add art and writing to your pages as you add your daily spillage and ephemera but you don’t have to. And like a smash book, you can add all sorts of store bought ephemera, bits bobs, and decorations… as you like.

With art journaling, your journal is a container for your art and your life. Lots of people use their art journal to strictly experiment and practice their art… I kind of consider that more of a Sketchbook type of art journal because the art is the emphasis. My art journal is my journal that includes written journaling, planning, art, and my daily junk… Instead of strictly smashing “junk” in, I make things and the junk fits into what I make. The point is more than putting stuff in. The practice is in the process of “making” the page. Of course, art journaling takes time. Whereas, junque journaling and smashbooking don’t have to take more time than taping or clipping stuff in.

I have met more than a few snobs, that consider anything other than Art Journaling to be kid stuff. I stick my tongue out at them! Ha! I doubt it! Anyway you choose to explore, spill, preserve, treasure… your life is GREAT! WONDERFUL! Don’t EVER let anyone tell you different! And if they do, DON’T BELIEVE IT! There is artfulness in ALL of these journals and books. No one art is better than another. And even if it was… that would hardly be the point! Your life is the point! How you choose to remember and work with your life is the point! What makes you happy, that is the point!

Too often I hear friends say, “I am not artistic, I can’t do that…” art journal, junque journal, smash booking… That nasty inner critic in their brain convinces them and they don’t do ANYTHING. Creative, wonderful people who love life and their memories… have convinced themselves they can’t do that… can’t have that. That is where Smash Books and Junque Journal’s really SHINE! They allow people to jump in… spill their life and have fun decorating. Maybe some, who are a little brave will actually try putting together a Junque Journal! They push their creativeness just a bit further… Either way is GREAT!

As for me, well I straddle the fence. I have an art journal that I have been committed too for several years and has fallen to the wayside due to life. But when I don’t art journal, I really miss the life I don’t record… it just goes by… So junque journal gives me a quick way get it done. To at least record the bits of my life… and add art… if I have time… and if not, no worries!

The process of putting together the junque journal is trying my patience because it is taking longer than I want… but in the end it will be worth it and it will be my creation. And of course, on my shelf, is an unused smashbook… which I am sure I will use someday, one way or another.

What do you think?

What do you use or what would you like to use? Why? Please let me know!



Sojourn 8/Junque Journal Update – Tabs

I have added tabs to my Junque Journal. You wouldn't think that would take a lot of thought. But there are some important things to consider. If I do tabs, how many? How do I want to label them? How will I use my junque Journal if I tab it? Now I have seen Alpha tabs, Number tabs, Weekly tabs, Monthly tabs. I dismissed the Weekly and Monthly tabs because for this Junque Journal because I don't want it to be date specific. I want to be able to add junk in whenever I want and not have to worry about dates and stuff. That kinda rules out the 1-31 number tabs too. Not sure how I would use them. Unless I just put them in for fun and no purpose. Which I could (and probably would do, if I don't come up with a better plan.) I think I have decided on using the Alpha tabs. If I use Alpha tabs I can sort of file all the awesome junk I will be adding, like letters under “L”, tickets under “T”.

Since that is decided, I grabbed my post-it tabs and started tapeing them in. I wanted them to be permanent so I packing taped the front and back of the tabs so they for sure won't come loose.



I liked how all the colorful tabs looked but… They looked a bit boring… Maybe if I added a bit of washi tape!


Yep! I really liked that. I labeled the tabs in black Sharpie.


Then I just had a giant tab-o-rama and started putting tabs on all sorts of stuff. I found a “Primary” composition book that has the special lined pages for practicing writing letters. Snatched one up and decided I would use that as a Daily Lettering Practice Book. So I added Daily Tabs with Washi to that!



I even grabbed my Planner/Journal that I keep in my purse and added tabs with Washi to my Monthly Pages! That suddenly made my Planner seem fun (where it was looking very boring and serious).

Then I ran out of time. So I will have to wait to have more Junque Journal fun! Have you decided to put together a Junque Journal? Let me know how it is going?


Sojourn 8: Junque Journal

Spilling your life is what this blog is all about. But we haven’t talked about the easiest way to spill requiring very little writing… if you choose. Very little arting… again, if you choose. But can be creative and funky and as beautiful as you want. And it can hold all the bits that makes your life… all the “junque”… all the ephemera… fodder… Because it is an amazing container… for you… of you!

The past Sojourn exercises have given you a chance to practice specific WAYS of spilling. A Junque Journal is not so much a way to spill but more like a container for your spillage. All you have to do is fill it… Tape, clip, staple, stick, glue. I know, that even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body… you can do this. What is more you have probably been doing this for years and years… but you did not have a specific place to keep these ordinary treasures. That is what a Junque Journal is for.

If you have a box where you might throw old movie tickets, clothing tags, motivational sayings, interesting business cards, birthday/greeting/christmas cards… interesting pictures, photos, dried flowers, leaves, feathers, bits and bobs… ANYTHING… they can go in your Junque Journal.

To see all the juicy goodness a junque Journal can be… here is Tangie Baxter’s Junque Journal Introduction from YouTube:


Fun, fun, fun! I just love looking in Tangie’s FANTABULOUS journal! I think you can get a real feel on how cool it can be to have a book where you can spill your life… and flip through it… and add… Gorgeous!

Making a Junque Journal is fairly simple. You need a cheap composition book, some scrapbook paper or any other decorative paper (gift wrap, magazine pages… anything). Colorful stamp pads (if you want to add color to your regular composition book pages). 2-4 lengths of thin ribbon (3 times the length of your composition book). Your choice of glue: glue stick, glue runners, or white/tacky glue. Feel free to add: charms, bows, clips, envelopes…

Here are Tangie’s YouTube video instructions on making your own Junque Journal:

I am starting one tonight! I just bought my cheapie composition book, I’ve pulled out some ribbon, scrapbook paper, and a few of my favorite colors of stamp pads… I am so excited to get started!

So what about you? How about trying out Junque Journaling?