10/2/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: How to Make An Art Journal Page

It is Friday.

I looked at my spread and just didn’t think that the different bits integrated into the page the way I would like. Normally when I add water soluble oil pastels it seems to do the trick but this time I just wasn’t satisfied. So I got out my white paint and a brayer and started adding a white wash effect. I also added some more journaling.

Initially I wasn’t sure how much I liked the white paint effect. The paint did integrate everything together and I am happy with that. I suspect I will finish this page tomorrow by adding a little more pen work.

It’s Friday, have a good one!


9/28/15 My Art Journal Practice: Making An Art Journal Page

It is Monday! Rushing to get ready for work. Of course, I took a bit of time out to do my Art Journal practice.

Used a white gel pen to add veins to my little black vines and to add some pop to my trouble. I think this page is done.

Have a great Monday!


9/27/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making An Art Journal Page

This weekend has been filled with studying (and worrying) for the new coding system that will be implemented next week on October the 1st at my work. As a result, like the last week or so, my Art Journaling time has been short. Today I started with this:

I tried to relax and just work on adding “weeds” to the page.


and I added “Trouble” because there was lots of it this week and that one word pretty much summed it up. Also, I decided I didn’t want a whole lot of writing… like in a journal entry. I wanted something simple. I have decided to stop here. I have a bit more to do. I want to add some white pen work but I will save that for tomorrow. Happy Sunday!


9/25/15 How to Make an Art Journal Page: My Art Journaling Practice

I have started taking a class on Creativebug.com. It is Lisa Congdon’s new class More Sketchbook Exploration. I just love Lisa’s classes and this one is no exception. She makes graphic art look effortless and fun. Today’s page is inspired by More Sketchbook Exploration part one. I start by making a background with crayola markers. In her class, Lisa Congdon used Koi watercolor brush pens. I know they would have made the background look more painterly and flow together more easily… but sadly I didn’t have any. So I pulled out the only markers I had. While Lisa picked a nice palette of light blues, corals, grays and oranges… I ended up using what I had. My colors were much brighter being standard Crayola colors. Still, I did my best to make a cool, colorful background.

What do you think? Hope you have a great Friday!


9/24/15 Making a Journal Page, My Art Journaling Practice


Today I finished my page. I added yellow glitter glue to the feathers, did a bit of journaling, and added some white highlights with my white gel pen.


This page was fun. Although my week at my job was not, my journal practice brought some relief, satisfaction, purpose and above all, it made me happy.

What I love about art journaling is that pretty much any time I spend doing it, even it my page turns out to be a disaster I hate, is a way nicer, more fun, productive use of my time than lots and lots of other things in my life.


9/22/2015 Making an Art Journal Page, My Art Journaling Practice

Funtime! Time to start placing elements on the page and see what I like and don’t like. I grab my collage bits and try them out in different ways on the page. What do I like? What don’t I like. Do I like this here or do I like it better over here. It’s a process that I let happen naturally. I don’t stay in this step too long because I don’t want to over think it.


This time I am using Gel Medium to glue down my collage pieces. I also brush gel medium on top of the images, to make sure they are glued down well and to add a less glossy surface so it will be easier to write, doodle, or whatever on top. (Even if my gel medium is “glossy” it is easy to write over than just the glossy magazine surface).


It needed a little something… so I pulled out a stencil and added a white curvy design in a few of the darker places on the page. After looking the page over I thought it needed more color… the red was nice but it needed something more. So I grabbed some yellow acrylic paint and stenciled on some feathers.

Like it much better but the yellow of the feathers is a little transparent. Hmmm. I have run out of time for today.

Have a great day!


Clogged… no spillage.

 I have not gotten into a daily habit of Spilling. Establishing habits for me, especially new ones, is very difficult. I seem to do well for a couple of days… then I get distracted. Like with all the information that I have to consider about blogging. There is no point in me going into details but the more I look into whether I am on the right format for me, the more things I find I should consider for the long run. And I do see the value in at least attempting to have a plan for the future.

I had decided to stick with one blog provider when I found that another has a lot of behind the scenes set-up options that make my blog easier for people to find and interact with. So for the past few nights I have been going back and forth between my old blog set up and a possible new (one) to see if it would be worth the change over. At first I decided no, the new blog was not as user friendly to set up and it was looking like it would be a giant struggle… but it had lots of cool stuff that would improve readability organizing my blog in a way that would just make much more sense. Sadly, this struggle kept me from spilling. Silly girl that I am. I tell you to take 5 minutes if that is all you have. What do I do? I don’t follow my own advise.

So after another night of struggling with setting up this new blog, I finally remembered the point. The point of this blog, of the practice I let fall by the wayside, yet again. To take just a bit of time if that is all I have and spill it. So here I am. If like me you are caught up in a project, or chores, or life in general and have been forgetting or just plain putting off your journaling practice, all I ask is for you to reconsider. For just five minutes (or more, if you can spare it). Doodle, journal about your day, tape pictures… just do a bit. You might be surprised how good that little bit of peace you get from just knowing you took time to stay with it can give you!


Welcome to Spilling Life. I am so glad you are here!

This blog is dedicated to everything journaling.  Especially those practices that help you spill your life in a journal, on a canvas, on a napkin, on a blog, in a book!  I will make personal blog post discussing daily issues and how they relate to my jounaling practice and my life.  I also want to make this a special place where you can find lists, review, suggestions of books, magazines, and classes that relate to journaling in all its many forms.  My hope is to make this an interactive blog.  I have included Sojourns, journaling exercises, that I hope you will try out! Then comment, ask questions, let me know what you think!

And please, please, please, pardon my electronic dust.  I am learning how to create this blog as I go.  From day to day for the next couple of weeks, you might see lots of changes, maybe some blank spots…  and some leaness on content.  I have photos and videos and lists, and review all waiting to be added.  Some have been easier to add, some more difficult but please, stop by from time to time, to see what is new.  Again, thank you so much for stopping!  Hope to see you again soon!