Daily Planner Dilema

I have gotten back to Art Journaling. However, I also wanted to have something creative for my daily planner. I have just gotten a beautiful Midori Travelers Journal and decided to make a Midori insert to use as a Planner. So I grabbed some old printouts (on regular copy paper – you know printed copies of website articles, calendars… junk). Then I glued on some scraps of painted papers, collage papers and scraped on some acrylic paint. Then I scrapped on a thin coat of white acrylic paint to tone down the color so that it would be easier to write on.



A project that I thought would take an hour or so took way longer. I liked how the pages came out. I just hated the insert once I started to use it… and I can't really tell you why. It is formatted similarly to other Journal/Planners I have made. I should have loved it. But no, I didn't at all like how my writing looked in it. And I couldn't think of a way to change things to make it work.


Ick. So, what to do?

I pulled out the 16 month Weekly Planner that I had gotten last August. It was one of those coloring planners. Coloring sounded good to me but doodling sounded even better. I can practice the doodles that are on the pages and also keep track of my daily schedule. Then after the Planner is finished I can use it as an art journal. Sadly, I can't use it in my Midori. Still, it feels like the right choice.


The flowers on the left are ones I doodled. I also added some of the bugs. I really would like to color with crayons but the doodles are too intricate. I might add color to the background once I have finished the week with crayon(because it is almost impossible to write with anything over crayon).

I will give this a try and see how I like it.

What do you use as a planner? Something creative?

Let me know.

Happy Planning!