11-5-15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Pen Work

I wasn’t able to do anything in my work area today, so I grabbed my pen cases and decided to do some pen work. I will work on more of the shading of my main image tomorrow.

I added the Vacation lettering in black and really did not like how it was too bold and dark for the page. So I grabbed my Office Max Metallic pens (Now that Office Depot bought Office Max out I haven’t been able to find them… which is sad because they are my favorite) and went to work on all that bold black lettering. With just the “Vacation” lettering I did not like how the page looked. I felt like I had ruined the page. It wasn’t an artistic page anymore. But I knew I needed to persevere. I had been going for a “Dawn Devries Sokol” kind of page. It is a look I did a lot last year and I had made that style part of my own. When I changed journals, I kind of moved away from a more “doodle” like page and started doing more artistic types of pages. I like doing both but when it comes to documenting day-to-day life, I do prefer a “doodle” type of page. I intended for this page to reflect my week. So I added some doodles with the metallic markers, then added journaling with a small lined black marker.

I still didn’t capture my “old” doodle style to my liking. I guess I am out of practice. I know that the result isn’t the point but right now… the page isn’t bad… but I keep thinking maybe it would have been better if I would have done a more artistic type of page. It is too late now. I just have to move forward with what I have.



I hope to work on making a Midori-style journal in the last few days of my vacation. I found out that Effy Wild has a class called Radiant that has a tutorial on how to make an Effydori. I have signed up and will take a look. I think I would like to fool around with a hard covered journal to start with. I cut out some cardboard from a shoe box. I am worried that because one side is corrugated that the cardboard may not hold up and bend at a corrugation line. I was going to try to find an old book the size I want and use the covers but I was afraid the covers might be too thick. I look over the class and see what I can see about the Effydori and then see what I can come up with.


11/1/15 Daily Journal Page: Taking a Chance

So, it’s the start of a new month. I have decided to be brave and throw caution to the wind… and white wash my focal image. The thing is, once it is done it is done. There is no going back. Some things that you do in your journal can be recovered from… but the image will never be the same after I white wash it. It also means, I will have to do something with it. Me. I will have to make the image my own and make it back into a focal image.

The white wash didn’t go down so smoothly. I painted it down and it started to bubble after a second or two. Even as I brushed over it to smooth it out it would re-bubble up. I decided to white wash over the tissue then used a crumpled up paper towel to pat off some of the white wash on the tissue. It is hard to see but it makes a nice kind of textural design.

My plan was to draw/paint over the image… but then I think of Teesha Moore… and I think about cutting out new and different eyes and glueing the right as left and left as right… Maybe a funny hat? Am I in that funky kind of mood?

No, not today. Tomorrow, I will decide.


10/27/15 Art Journaling Practice: Next Step

Time to fix the flowers and integrate the elements into the page.

I fooled around adding shadows. I sealed both pages with a layer of gel medium so that I would be able to write on top of any of the elements. The water soluble oil pastels I use often time ruin pens or is just impossible to write over. Putting a layer of gel medium over the top solves this problem. I have to be careful when doing this… the shadows I put down will reactivate when wet so I have gently go over the top of my elements so not to change its look.

Since I have to wait for the gel medium to dry – I will call it a day. Tomorrow I want to figure out a way to Make the Fan and the Bathing Suit Woman less like cut out images glued to the page. Shadowing helped I want more… unsure of what more would be right now. Also I would like to add black outlines to the white oil pastel lines I added to the page (to mimic the bathing suit lines). I also had wanted lots of room for journaling… and although I do, I might rethink my initial plan for where and how I was going to add it.

Happy Tuesday!


10/25/15 Art Journaling Practice: Catch-Up Time

It’s been a really weird day. Doesn’t feel like a Sunday. So I actually had time tonight to fool around a bit. Grabbed magazine images and started to glue.


Liked this fan… but the model… not so much.

All gone. Liked the bathing suit beauty with the fan.


Wanted to add something to the left page… a focal image leaving room for lots of journaling and doodling… something with white flowers, maybe.

That’s all for today! Have a great night!


10/20/15 Art Journal Practice: Not sure what to do next…

Was wanting to add a bit of acrylic paint… grabbed a stencil and white paint… and it all went terribly wrong. The white started to look yellow… maybe there was some color on the stencil that didn’t get washed off? Whatever happened… as soon as I added the paint… I didn’t like it. I tried using a baby wipe and it didn’t do much. What to do? I added journaling over the biggest bit of it. I left the portion on the left but will probably at least try to do something to either make it white or something, just not sure yet.


Making choices and mistakes is all a part of art journaling. Classes I have taken focus on not getting too attached to what you are doing to be afraid to mess it up. While I understand this idea, it can be a struggle. If I like a page… should I move forward? Good question!

Happy Tuesday!


9/30/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making An Art Journal Page

Today is glue time! I also found a few more images to add to the right side of the spread.

This time I used a liquid matte medium to glue my images. I glued back and over the top. As you can see (especially the woman’s face on the left) there are lots of wrinkles. Even though I really like the smooth effect a glue stick gives to glued down images… I end up feeling that the entire page is more organically connected when I use glue over the top of the page. On a collage page where only glue stick is used on the back of magazine images there is a “magazine page gloss” on those images that the rest of the page doesn’t have. I would love to find a matte medium that doesn’t wrinkle but from what I understand that is the nature of the beast. I have also heard if you can put an equal amount of glue across the entire image it won’t wrinkle (by using a credit card…) I have tried that and I didn’t see much of a difference.

Thats all my time. Happy Wednesday!


Art Journaling: Projects, Goals and Killing the Joy…

I haven’t written in a while. Partly because of my disappointment. I knew that anyone finding my blog would be a miracle… but still I thought that once I was listed on the main search engines my posts might come up… even if it was on page 148. But no, none of them ever came up when I looked. I had hopes of finding like-minded people to share with. But when I looked at my blog numbers every day… it was just plain sad.

I had made such an effort to consistently get blog posts ready and posted. I had to do it. Had to have it ready. Each week it became harder and harder… and at first I thought it was the numbers thing… no one can find me… why bother. But really it was something even more insidious…I had made my blog a chore. A got to do, should do… better do… or else… big fat chore!

I realized I had made lots of things I love to do… art journaling, blogging… making art… into a big hairy chore. When I came home, dog tired from work, I would tell myself… you have to ____ . Maybe it would be keep up on my art journal, or write my blog… or do some kind of art – that I would fill the blank with. It is little wonder that little by little the happiness and joy I had found recording my day, or sharing art journaling stuff just vanished, so that I really didn’t want to ANY of them.

So I decided to give myself a break. If I felt like working on a creative endeavor… I did. If not… I promised myself to be good with it. No more: Shoulds, Have tos, Better dos, or Gotta dos. My hope was that the spark might come back. And the truth of it is it might not. I have crushed a lot of creative fires in the past by doing this to myself… and the fire never did come back. But this week, it did a bit. I did a little bit of work on my Junk Journal and did my daily Midori Planner entries as I felt like it. And today I decided to blog. My hope is that the fire will reignite for art journaling and blogging. But for now… today… I will be happy with what is. That is a firefly blink of a spark.

Has this happened to you? I would love to hear from you!

Welcome to Spilling Life. I am so glad you are here!

This blog is dedicated to everything journaling.  Especially those practices that help you spill your life in a journal, on a canvas, on a napkin, on a blog, in a book!  I will make personal blog post discussing daily issues and how they relate to my jounaling practice and my life.  I also want to make this a special place where you can find lists, review, suggestions of books, magazines, and classes that relate to journaling in all its many forms.  My hope is to make this an interactive blog.  I have included Sojourns, journaling exercises, that I hope you will try out! Then comment, ask questions, let me know what you think!

And please, please, please, pardon my electronic dust.  I am learning how to create this blog as I go.  From day to day for the next couple of weeks, you might see lots of changes, maybe some blank spots…  and some leaness on content.  I have photos and videos and lists, and review all waiting to be added.  Some have been easier to add, some more difficult but please, stop by from time to time, to see what is new.  Again, thank you so much for stopping!  Hope to see you again soon!