11/1/15 Daily Journal Page: Taking a Chance

So, it’s the start of a new month. I have decided to be brave and throw caution to the wind… and white wash my focal image. The thing is, once it is done it is done. There is no going back. Some things that you do in your journal can be recovered from… but the image will never be the same after I white wash it. It also means, I will have to do something with it. Me. I will have to make the image my own and make it back into a focal image.

The white wash didn’t go down so smoothly. I painted it down and it started to bubble after a second or two. Even as I brushed over it to smooth it out it would re-bubble up. I decided to white wash over the tissue then used a crumpled up paper towel to pat off some of the white wash on the tissue. It is hard to see but it makes a nice kind of textural design.

My plan was to draw/paint over the image… but then I think of Teesha Moore… and I think about cutting out new and different eyes and glueing the right as left and left as right… Maybe a funny hat? Am I in that funky kind of mood?

No, not today. Tomorrow, I will decide.


10/28/15 Art Journal Practice: What Next?

Again, I am up against something I learned at a mixed media class. “Don’t get too attached to your page…” It is something I struggle with, almost every day. The class instructor didn’t want you to get too attached so you would be free to add more and more layers. The truth is I do get attached… and I probably don’t continue adding because I am afraid I will ruin what I like about the page. Another truth, is that the result is not the end all. The process is the most important. I know all of this… but I still end up wanting a result that I like.

So when I looked at this page this morning I was hesitant. I wanted to make my Bathing Suit Woman look more like a drawing… or at least add some lines to make her look less like a glued on magazine image. I also wanted to do something with her hair. There is a fan behind her… her hair should be blowing. So what to do. Often times I add black lines in the shaded areas like you would in a drawing and outline image elements. But… and it is a big but… it is really easy for me to end up with an image I am not so crazy about. Adding lines helps make the image your own but it is so easy to let the critical mind tell you anything you add is ruining the image.

So I started fooling around… first I outlines Bathing Beauty’s suit in white. Yuck. So I wet the lines and wiped it off… but it left a bit of white residue… which was okay with me. Then I added a gold outline around the entire image… kind of like the flowers and leaves. It was okay. Then I had a bit more courage and grabbed my black brush tip marker and started adding her wind-blown hair. It is very black… I will need to do something, eventually, to make it not so black. In order to tie it in a bit more, I outlined some of the hair strands in gold. All in all, I can’t say look wise, I have improved the page so much. But I feel like I actually pushed my own envelope and tried a couple of techniques I imagined doing. I also added journaling where I had decided early on would be a good place (where after working on the page was afraid might ruin it).

That is all for now. Hope you have a great Wednesday!


10/7/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making an Art Journal Page

I didn’t post yesterday because I was too busy making an idiot out of myself. So today’s practice reflects that a bit. So, a black page… yep…kind of how I feel. I grabbed a bright colored water soluble oil pastel and just started to draw one of the doodles I typically do… a flower.

I add a caption… expressing how I feel… then add a few more flowers.


Running short on time, so this will be it for today. Have a happy Wednesday!


Written and Art Journaling and Online Classes

One of my main purposes for making this blog is to have a place where a journaler can find EVERYTHING about spilling your life… books, videos, online classes, reviews, blog posts, freebies… all in one place. When I started out art journaling, it was hit or miss. I googled this and that and had to hunt for instruction, ideas, guidance, opinions and other art journalist and journalers.

My next project is to make a listing of Online Classes, Upcoming Online Classes, and Freebies. These lists, along with my Book, Magazines and Site Lists,will be posted and will be constantly updated as I receive approval from the artists to link and include class information from their sites. If I have taken a class with an artist/writer I will let you know. If you hear of a site or upcoming online class that you would like added to my list, please let me know!

Another reason I wanted to make an Online Class list is that when I started it was mainly artist and writers offering classes to help others find the joy of art and written journaling. What has happened in the last few years is that the classes have become strictly a money-making endeavour for some offering classes. There are even Online Marketers that are selling the formula to make your fortune selling online classes. So, in amongst the artist offering the very best material that includes their heart and soul, there are now many people selling online classes that offer little or nothing of much value, let alone any heart… often at a very high cost.


My rule of thumb when taking a class from a new instructor is to see if they have any free offerings or any YouTube or on site videos available to see if I like the instructor’s style and the content they present. This is really important because there are all sorts of ways of presenting online materials. Some instructors use strictly text and photos, others use videos to show step by step instruction, yet others set the camera to roll and show their techniques with no explanation – only music in the background… Or maybe you could take a less expensive class to try out this instructor. This particularly comes into play for me when the class is expensive, and for me, expensive is any class over $75 dollars. It is hard for me to swallow a text and photo based class if it costs over $75 UNLESS I know the artist and have faith that the material will really be worth it. It is hard for me to be satisfied, if I pay for a $75 or over class, and only get a few 5-10 minutes videos and some pdf content, UNLESS that content is OVER THE MOON FANTASTIC… I will feel (and have) jipped. Why? Because I have been so incredibly fortunate to have taken some of the most awesome, content filled classes by some of the most fabulous artists and writers out there! After you have taken a class with tons of wonderful video content for $30 and pay for a $97 dollar class that turns out to be text-based rehash of what is out there all over for less that $10… you tend to get VERY ANGRY. Don’t get me wrong, there are some classes that are offered over $75 that may be FANTABULASTIC, and are. But more and more, unless you know the instructor, there is more of a chance to get taken.

Spillinglife.wordpress.com, allows you to meet the artist and investigate/enjoy their sites and see what classes and freebies they have to offer. Have fun, learn, explore… that is my goal!

Happy spilling!