Spilling with Gratitude

I haven’t blogged in a while and one of my kind readers suggested starting to gratitude journal to see if that would help me get back on my blogging track. Good advise. So I added a Gratitude practice to my day.


It was a simple practice. Listing a few of the things I am grateful for everyday. It helped me focus on what is right and good and not what was wrong and bad (what we tend to focus on as human beings)


Out of the blue I found the website: http://www.projectgroovy.com by Ryan Phillips. Guess what, it was a site all about gratitude. He suggests a daily practice that helps you focus a bit more on the positive than a simple gratitude list. You can use a template and Evernote app to make the practice super easy. The questions are all ready for you to fill out every day. Or, of course, you can write about the questions daily in a written journal. I have decided to try out using Evernote but I may decide to use a written journal, I am just unsure. Either way, it is a quick, easy practice that I think will make a big difference if I stick with it and continue to practice every day.


As for blogging, I have decided to throw away all my goals about that (to be addressed in another blog post soon) and just enjoy the process. Practice the practice. I will write everyday as practice. If a blog post comes of the writing, GREAT! If not, no worries. I am throwing out all the strict rules I set out for myself originally… tossing out the goals, the stats, the worries about having the right kind of site, that I have to, have to, have to blog at the very least once a week… I am chucking all of that! Instead I am going to write and journal… and come up with blog posts because I came up with them… not because I had to force myself to do it.


Do you have a gratitude practice? What kind? How do you like it? If not, do you think it might be something to try out as part of your spilling process? Please let me know what you think!


Distraction and Art Journaling

I haven't blogged sooner because I have been distracted. Distracted by all sorts of cool, interesting, and fun projects. It all started with my Junque Journal. I was all set. I had gone to Hobby Lobby and picked up the ribbon and scrapbook paper I needed. Whammo! My planner class talked about Midori Planners and I just had to refurbish what I had so I could start using a Midori to (hopefully) get a grip and a plan on my daily life. So I used some of the scrapbook paper from my Junque Journal stash to cover some thick cotton canvas…and Viola…I made my own Midori cover. I just strung it with elastic. Easy peasy! Then I needed to learn how to make and print out my own inserts. I ended up hand lettering my inserts because I couldn't find a Word Processing app for my tablet that could do columns, the Word Processing program I tried to download to my laptop didn't load properly, and I just didn't want to wait! I actually like the inserts I made better. Besides it is kind of neat that I can make my own.

As a result my Junque Journal is sitting in the same place I left it two weeks ago. I think part of it was, I made the cover and it just doesn't jazz me at all. It just doesn't have the pizzazz I wanted and I don't know how to fix it in a way that won't completely botch it all up. As soon as I kind of got stuck with what to do with my Junque Journal… the Midori project jumped into my life and got me focused on something different.

The good thing about this example of distraction is that one project switched to another. I actually feel like I really accomplished something really good and helpful with my Midori planner. I have been able to establish some really helpful habits and feel like I have more control over my life just because of my new planner.

This isn't always the case. I can easily be distracted by the internet surfing, watching television, or any number of other unproductive behaviors. And that happens to me plenty.

The thing is to notice. Have I been distracted from my project? If yes, why… Is it because of another, bright shiny project? Or are you being distracted into unproductive behaviors? Why do you think this is happening? Are you getting bored with your current project? Has it come to a stand still? Or have you found another project that sparks your interest?

This time, my distraction was a good one! I put off my Junque Journal for a bit and feel like I got a GREAT Midori planner in return! I wish all my distractions could be as productive as this one!

How about you? Do you get distracted from journaling and other projects? How does it make you feel? Do you do anything that helps? Let me know, I would love to hear!