10/7/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making an Art Journal Page

I didn’t post yesterday because I was too busy making an idiot out of myself. So today’s practice reflects that a bit. So, a black page… yep…kind of how I feel. I grabbed a bright colored water soluble oil pastel and just started to draw one of the doodles I typically do… a flower.

I add a caption… expressing how I feel… then add a few more flowers.


Running short on time, so this will be it for today. Have a happy Wednesday!


10/5/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Today’s Page

It’s Monday and all I can say is I am not the happiest to have to trot my butt into work. Today’s start of a new journal page reflects that… and my mood. I hunted down my jar of black gesso and went to town. I have to wait for it to dry before I can do anything interesting.

It doesn’t look like much now but this technique is one of the most fun ways to make a really cool page… I will show you tomorrow once everything is good and dry. Happy Monday!


10/2/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: How to Make An Art Journal Page

It is Friday.

I looked at my spread and just didn’t think that the different bits integrated into the page the way I would like. Normally when I add water soluble oil pastels it seems to do the trick but this time I just wasn’t satisfied. So I got out my white paint and a brayer and started adding a white wash effect. I also added some more journaling.

Initially I wasn’t sure how much I liked the white paint effect. The paint did integrate everything together and I am happy with that. I suspect I will finish this page tomorrow by adding a little more pen work.

It’s Friday, have a good one!


9/29/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making an Art Journal Page

My job has asked me to come in early for the rest of the week. So the time I have set aside for Art Journaling has been shaved down even more. But that will not deter me. Keeping my practice is really important to me… even if it is just for a very few minutes.


To start filling this blank page, I will go through my stash of collage papers and see what I can find to start my page spread. I kind of like this, as a start. I need something else for the focal image on the right side of the spread but for a start, I am happy. Tomorrow I will glue and see what else I can find to add.

Happy Tuesday.


9/28/15 My Art Journal Practice: Making An Art Journal Page

It is Monday! Rushing to get ready for work. Of course, I took a bit of time out to do my Art Journal practice.

Used a white gel pen to add veins to my little black vines and to add some pop to my trouble. I think this page is done.

Have a great Monday!