10/28/15 Art Journal Practice: What Next?

Again, I am up against something I learned at a mixed media class. “Don’t get too attached to your page…” It is something I struggle with, almost every day. The class instructor didn’t want you to get too attached so you would be free to add more and more layers. The truth is I do get attached… and I probably don’t continue adding because I am afraid I will ruin what I like about the page. Another truth, is that the result is not the end all. The process is the most important. I know all of this… but I still end up wanting a result that I like.

So when I looked at this page this morning I was hesitant. I wanted to make my Bathing Suit Woman look more like a drawing… or at least add some lines to make her look less like a glued on magazine image. I also wanted to do something with her hair. There is a fan behind her… her hair should be blowing. So what to do. Often times I add black lines in the shaded areas like you would in a drawing and outline image elements. But… and it is a big but… it is really easy for me to end up with an image I am not so crazy about. Adding lines helps make the image your own but it is so easy to let the critical mind tell you anything you add is ruining the image.

So I started fooling around… first I outlines Bathing Beauty’s suit in white. Yuck. So I wet the lines and wiped it off… but it left a bit of white residue… which was okay with me. Then I added a gold outline around the entire image… kind of like the flowers and leaves. It was okay. Then I had a bit more courage and grabbed my black brush tip marker and started adding her wind-blown hair. It is very black… I will need to do something, eventually, to make it not so black. In order to tie it in a bit more, I outlined some of the hair strands in gold. All in all, I can’t say look wise, I have improved the page so much. But I feel like I actually pushed my own envelope and tried a couple of techniques I imagined doing. I also added journaling where I had decided early on would be a good place (where after working on the page was afraid might ruin it).

That is all for now. Hope you have a great Wednesday!


10/27/15 Art Journaling Practice: Next Step

Time to fix the flowers and integrate the elements into the page.

I fooled around adding shadows. I sealed both pages with a layer of gel medium so that I would be able to write on top of any of the elements. The water soluble oil pastels I use often time ruin pens or is just impossible to write over. Putting a layer of gel medium over the top solves this problem. I have to be careful when doing this… the shadows I put down will reactivate when wet so I have gently go over the top of my elements so not to change its look.

Since I have to wait for the gel medium to dry – I will call it a day. Tomorrow I want to figure out a way to Make the Fan and the Bathing Suit Woman less like cut out images glued to the page. Shadowing helped I want more… unsure of what more would be right now. Also I would like to add black outlines to the white oil pastel lines I added to the page (to mimic the bathing suit lines). I also had wanted lots of room for journaling… and although I do, I might rethink my initial plan for where and how I was going to add it.

Happy Tuesday!


10/26/15 Art Journaling Practice: Add A Bit of Paint

White flowers is what I wanted to add to tie everything together. Grabbed my metallic gold pen and sketched out a couple of flowers and some leaves. Didn’t have a fine brush so just used the large flat brush that I had handy and added some white to the flowers. I went over a bit of the gold detail and sketch lines but once the paint is dry I will add them back in.


Since the paint needs to dry… I will leave it at that today. Have a great Monday!


10/25/15 Art Journaling Practice: Catch-Up Time

It’s been a really weird day. Doesn’t feel like a Sunday. So I actually had time tonight to fool around a bit. Grabbed magazine images and started to glue.


Liked this fan… but the model… not so much.

All gone. Liked the bathing suit beauty with the fan.


Wanted to add something to the left page… a focal image leaving room for lots of journaling and doodling… something with white flowers, maybe.

That’s all for today! Have a great night!


10/23/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: After Missing A Couple Of Days

The last two days I have punked out. I didn’t do my practice. Have not been feeling well. And though I don’t feel so hot today, I wanted to at least do something.

I decided to work on a background for a new page. And I wanted to use my trusty brayer.

For my first layer I put down yellow. Brayer, brayer, brayer!

Then I added white paint and brayer again.

I want some shine, so I grabbed my metallic orange and brayered it right in.

Wanted to add a bit more white but my white paint wasn’t coming out properly so I grabbed my bottle of white gesso. I did shake it but when I squeezed it out I hot a big glob of clear junk. Took a nearby baby wipe and wiped it up. Shook it well again and got gesso but it still seemed a little thin. Brayered it all in.

Because I got a lot of white runny gesso over my beautiful metallic orange…I added more orange and brayered it in. I am going to let it dry and see how I like it.


This page looks a bit bumpy because of the glue and paper used on the opposite side. I don’t let it concern me, I just go with it.

This page came out much smoother because there is nothing on the other side. I wish you could see the metallic sheen better. The shine makes me happy.

Happy Friday everyone!


10/20/15 Art Journal Practice: Not sure what to do next…

Was wanting to add a bit of acrylic paint… grabbed a stencil and white paint… and it all went terribly wrong. The white started to look yellow… maybe there was some color on the stencil that didn’t get washed off? Whatever happened… as soon as I added the paint… I didn’t like it. I tried using a baby wipe and it didn’t do much. What to do? I added journaling over the biggest bit of it. I left the portion on the left but will probably at least try to do something to either make it white or something, just not sure yet.


Making choices and mistakes is all a part of art journaling. Classes I have taken focus on not getting too attached to what you are doing to be afraid to mess it up. While I understand this idea, it can be a struggle. If I like a page… should I move forward? Good question!

Happy Tuesday!


10/19/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: The Next Step

Life kind of happens. Right when I thought things were back to normal at work, things take a sharp right turn. No time for Art Journaling on Friday because I needed to be at work at 5am… and had to work on Saturday. Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing…


So today, I get back to my Art Journaling. I immediately grab my water-soluble oil pastels. These seem to be my go to way to better incorporate my collage element into the page. Normally I use it to put a shadow… using a dark color. Today I decided to use bright colors. I first colored in light blue around the blue elements, then colored around the pink flowers with a metallic rose color. Then I grabbed my silver and colored around the black and white elements. I also added some silver around the window frame and the Window Woman.


I used my finger to smudge in the color. But I wanted it to be more subtle, so I grabbed a partially dried out baby wipe and smoothed out the color some more.


That’s all the time I have. Happy Monday everyone!


10/15/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Gluing Down Elements

So, it’s gluetime.

I glued the bouquet of flowers down first.

And the Window Woman…

because I know for sure I want those right in those spots.

I set down some of the door strips to see how I wanted to glue them down.

So I decided to cut down one piece and glue them down.

What to do with the right page? I laid down some pink squares… but no didn’t like that…


I tried some different images… I liked that the crystal piece brought a black and white feel to the right page. The blue and white lace… a nice embellishment. But it was missing something.

I like it better. Time to glue.

All glued down.



Hmmm. I am not sure about the blue doily strips, now that they are glued down. Probably because I doesn’t feel like I put a “focal image” down on the right page. The Window Woman should be looking at a focal image… shouldn’t she? Maybe. It doesn’t feel like there is a focal image on the right page. Elements, yes… but none stands out. All in all, I like it. Just not sure what the next step will be. Tomorrow will tell. Happy Thursday!


10/14/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: A Step At A Time – Choices

This morning I looked at my page and grabbed some file folders of magazine images and started to rip and tear! My first image was of a tree with pretty pink lights… not sure that the shade of pink wasn’t a bit too vibrant for the page but I try to never second guess and pulled it and put it in my pile. I try to be as open as possible when I am pulling ideas for elements because you never know where it might take you. Something that you think couldn’t possibly work but catches your eye… is catching it for a reason. Trust yourself. Besides, most of the time you don’t end up using all pulled images in the page you are working on. But there is always a reason for a choice.


When it came to my focal image it was that way. Initially I pulled the lady in beige. She had an ephemeral kind of soft focus look that I thought might go good with the page and some of the flower elements I had ripped out. Then I found the black and white door girl. There was something about the contrast of the pink with the black and white. The rectangular shapes of the door and the frame that I thought really looked nice with the soft curves of the pink flower bits.

Once I decided to try the door girl… I moved the images around to see how I might like the page best.

Not sure what I will do… but I definitely like how it is progressing!

I have run out of time for today. Tomorrow I will look at it again and maybe start gluing. Happy Wednesday!



10/13/15 Art Journaling Page: One Step At A Time

My week is starting a day late. I was really sick yesterday and Sunday and didn’t do my practice at all. Don’t feel so good today but have gotten up, gotten dressed and smeared some paint on a spread. Not sure how today will be but I will just take one step at a time.

Wanted a stripeity white washed looked. Globbed some pink paint on the page. Put down a little too much and ended up using a credit card to smooth it across the entire page of the right side of spread. Didn’t have quite so much paint on the left side so it is a bit splotchy. My intention was to make three stripes of color and add white in-between. After all the pink paint was down I decided to just add some white stripes. I added it on top of the pink. I didn’t scrape so much of the white paint but rather smooshed it down to make it more opaque and blotchy.

One thing about using paint is that you have to wait for it to dry. So that will be all for today. Happy Tuesday!