A Little Bit More

Small steps.

That is what I am taking every day.

I am taking Andrea Schroder's Give Your Dream Wings free journaling class. It seemed like a perfect addition to my morning routine. It is an eight day class that only takes about fifteen minutes or so to view the video and to journal. She is amazing. I have followed her for so many years. Andrea has such a fun, light-hearted and powerful way to look at and make your dream/s come true. This amazing class is a perfect way for me to make a small commitment to and for myself. I did lesson four today. What I have been able to “see” is that before, when I took her classes (or any art class) I rushed through it. Andrea's classes are special because they often include creative visualizations. Before this class, I had always fast forwarded through them. I didn't have the time. Today it dawned on me that what I have needed for so long are these visualizations… and making time for myself to slow down and to really experience them.

I do a bit of exercise on my Simply Fit board. You know, that crazy balance board thing that you twist back and forth on that is being advertised on television? My hope is that this will gradually work into a more structured, longer workout. Right now, doing whatever I can squeeze in is just perfect.

Then there is my art journal. This morning my time seemed to vanish. Even so, I pulled out my journal. I grabbed the images that I tore out yesterday, ripped them down to size and set them down on the page, moving them around to see what position I liked them in best.

Okay… but not my favorite.

Kind of like this. Hmmm.

Time is up. Off to work.

Hope your day is GREAT!




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