Another Day of Practice, Another Perspective

I have decided to stick with my sketching/card practice, at least for a while longer.  I have been appreciating combining a creative practice with a more spiritual practice.  Today I sketched the Explorer of Water from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot.  



As I drew the symbols on the card I really thought about them…and this beautiful card.  The title alone gives me a bit of a different perspective on what I have learned the past couple of days.  Explorer… Explorer of my emotions.  And using my knowledge to grab my board and ride the waves…to deep joy and peace?.  Hmmm.  How am I suppose to do this?  As I sketch I decide I will need to stay loose yet focused.  In the moment.  

As I add color I ask myself about the dolphin?  The dolphin, in this card, symbolizes to me intuition, spirituality and flow.  Which is right there with me as I ride.  Which is very cool and something I tend to forget. 

 Use all my emotional “waves” to find joy and peace. The time to pause has ended.  Now it is time to grab my board and hit the surf and just DO IT.  


Now, all I need to do is figure out what I need to do to catch my wave.  I will start by being mindful so I don’t miss it.  And I need to remember my intuition is right there to help me recognize my wave.

I have been using a plain black ball point pen for sketching and water soluble oil pastels for the color.  Originally I wanted to use a fancy, fine point micro pen.  I decided against it for two reasons.  One, I wanted something simple.  It seemed best not to get caught up in the “best art supply” trap and just get going. Second, I wanted something I knew would not bleed if I added water.  So far I have not used water but have blended the color with my fingers. To avoid the “perfection” trap I have intentionally sketched in a scribble style.  I am not that good at drawing to get it perfect and the scribbled style lets me be okay with the imperfections and move forward (not get stuck with trying to fix everything that is not perfect).  Most of my art jounaling has used collage and graphic design and lettering because I am just not that comfortable with my drawing skills.  It has been interesting so far to rely on just drawing for this practice.  What I have learned so far is that often my perspective is off a bit here and there and that my drawing may be off from the original but it is okay.  What matters is I can get what is important on paper.  That I can relax enough to draw the lines and think deeply about the image.  That I can capture the essence of the card in my imperfect, scribbly way and be happy with the result.

If you journal do you add art?  How?  Do you sketch?  Add ephemera?

Hope your day is great.  Today, like the Explorer of Water, I will be dealing with lots and lots of it.  The it being water.  I live on the West Coast of Florida and we are getting lots of rain from the Tropical Depression out in the Gulf.  🙂

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