11-5-15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Pen Work

I wasn’t able to do anything in my work area today, so I grabbed my pen cases and decided to do some pen work. I will work on more of the shading of my main image tomorrow.

I added the Vacation lettering in black and really did not like how it was too bold and dark for the page. So I grabbed my Office Max Metallic pens (Now that Office Depot bought Office Max out I haven’t been able to find them… which is sad because they are my favorite) and went to work on all that bold black lettering. With just the “Vacation” lettering I did not like how the page looked. I felt like I had ruined the page. It wasn’t an artistic page anymore. But I knew I needed to persevere. I had been going for a “Dawn Devries Sokol” kind of page. It is a look I did a lot last year and I had made that style part of my own. When I changed journals, I kind of moved away from a more “doodle” like page and started doing more artistic types of pages. I like doing both but when it comes to documenting day-to-day life, I do prefer a “doodle” type of page. I intended for this page to reflect my week. So I added some doodles with the metallic markers, then added journaling with a small lined black marker.

I still didn’t capture my “old” doodle style to my liking. I guess I am out of practice. I know that the result isn’t the point but right now… the page isn’t bad… but I keep thinking maybe it would have been better if I would have done a more artistic type of page. It is too late now. I just have to move forward with what I have.



I hope to work on making a Midori-style journal in the last few days of my vacation. I found out that Effy Wild has a class called Radiant that has a tutorial on how to make an Effydori. I have signed up and will take a look. I think I would like to fool around with a hard covered journal to start with. I cut out some cardboard from a shoe box. I am worried that because one side is corrugated that the cardboard may not hold up and bend at a corrugation line. I was going to try to find an old book the size I want and use the covers but I was afraid the covers might be too thick. I look over the class and see what I can see about the Effydori and then see what I can come up with.


2 thoughts on “11-5-15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Pen Work

  1. I like your page as it is. It’s fun and whimsical and artistic. What you did to the girl is fantastic. I have yet to try this. Guess I’m too chicken. But the stripes in the background and her in a bathing suit make it beachy and fun-loving and whimsical. Combined with the lettering of vacation I think it’s a good piece.

    I’d like to hear more about these metallic pens. I can see the metallic green in the flowers and I think it looks cool. Please tell me the name of the pens so I can look for them online.


    • Thank you! The metallic pens came in a pack of 8 different colors. Rose, Gold, Silver, Copper, Light Green, Teal Green, and Blue. The package just said “Office Max Metallic Markers”. The pens say: the same but also have “fine point” written underneath the “metallic marker.” I thought I had found a replacement with the Crayola Metallic markers but the selection of colors isn’t as nice, their tip is finer so the ink doesn’t flow as well, and the barrel is tapered… they are just kind of weird. I know the Office Max pack wasn’t very expensive. I would LOVE to find them again. I had a pretty good stock of them because I use to use them all the time in one of my other journals. I am coming to the end and some of the ones I have left are quickly running dry.


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