10/29/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: More Blending

The hair. I wanted to work on the hair. Looking at the page the stark blackness of the hair seemed to jump off the page. So I grabbed a brown water-soluble oil pastel and added it and lightly rubbed it in. The stark black was blended and adding the brown seemed to blend in color wise better on the page.

I still wanted to make the Bathing Beauty element more artfully mine. So I decided to add a bit of color to blend into the skin tones of the magazine image. With my cheap water-soluble oil pastels I have a very limited colors… a general color palette with very limited choices in skin tone. But because Ms. Beauty had a tan, I could grab a tanish color and colored in the darker, shadowed areas.

Then I rubbed and blended everything in. Yes the color is a little less natural but I think it did a nice job of making the image look more artful. I could have added color to the lips… and I still may… but I don’t have a color I think would work so well and my pastels don’t have a very fine tip… maybe not fine enough.

I added yesterday’s journaling.

Feels like today’s additions are done. Happy Thursday!


This page has gotten me thinking of maybe trying another technique to make a magazine image more artful… Maybe for my next page…


2 thoughts on “10/29/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: More Blending

    • Somehow it kind of blends it into the page and makes it a bit more your own. I sometimes use black pen work to make the image look more like a drawing (but that method can go south quickly if you aren’t a practiced drawer). You can also white wash the image and recolor it and add pen work. That is the idea I had for my next page. The trick is to have skin tone colors in whatever medium you use (if you are using images of people). Some people do a paint over technique. Some use markers… I have even used chalk pastels and actually think they blend the best, the trouble is sealing the dust. I learned a sneaky trick to try and do this… using a gelli plate. I might try that out soon too. Thanks for your kind words… I really appreciate you taking time out!


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