10/20/15 Art Journal Practice: Not sure what to do next…

Was wanting to add a bit of acrylic paint… grabbed a stencil and white paint… and it all went terribly wrong. The white started to look yellow… maybe there was some color on the stencil that didn’t get washed off? Whatever happened… as soon as I added the paint… I didn’t like it. I tried using a baby wipe and it didn’t do much. What to do? I added journaling over the biggest bit of it. I left the portion on the left but will probably at least try to do something to either make it white or something, just not sure yet.


Making choices and mistakes is all a part of art journaling. Classes I have taken focus on not getting too attached to what you are doing to be afraid to mess it up. While I understand this idea, it can be a struggle. If I like a page… should I move forward? Good question!

Happy Tuesday!



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