10/19/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: The Next Step

Life kind of happens. Right when I thought things were back to normal at work, things take a sharp right turn. No time for Art Journaling on Friday because I needed to be at work at 5am… and had to work on Saturday. Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing…


So today, I get back to my Art Journaling. I immediately grab my water-soluble oil pastels. These seem to be my go to way to better incorporate my collage element into the page. Normally I use it to put a shadow… using a dark color. Today I decided to use bright colors. I first colored in light blue around the blue elements, then colored around the pink flowers with a metallic rose color. Then I grabbed my silver and colored around the black and white elements. I also added some silver around the window frame and the Window Woman.


I used my finger to smudge in the color. But I wanted it to be more subtle, so I grabbed a partially dried out baby wipe and smoothed out the color some more.


That’s all the time I have. Happy Monday everyone!


4 thoughts on “10/19/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: The Next Step

    • It’s amazing how such an inexpensive art supply can make such a difference in a page. Especially if you don’t have a whole lot of room or a strict budget. I could live with glue, old magazines, and my water soluble oil pastels. I bought mine at OfficeMax and they were pretty cheap. I have other water soluble crayons that look more transparent and waxy… I don’t use them near as much. When I use to Art Journal at lunch, I had a small plastic bag with a couple of pens and my H20 oil pastels, a small plastic bag with a baby wipe or two, and a large zip lock with some collage elements and it all fit really easily in my purse in the side pocket. 🙂

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