10/15/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Gluing Down Elements

So, it’s gluetime.

I glued the bouquet of flowers down first.

And the Window Woman…

because I know for sure I want those right in those spots.

I set down some of the door strips to see how I wanted to glue them down.

So I decided to cut down one piece and glue them down.

What to do with the right page? I laid down some pink squares… but no didn’t like that…


I tried some different images… I liked that the crystal piece brought a black and white feel to the right page. The blue and white lace… a nice embellishment. But it was missing something.

I like it better. Time to glue.

All glued down.



Hmmm. I am not sure about the blue doily strips, now that they are glued down. Probably because I doesn’t feel like I put a “focal image” down on the right page. The Window Woman should be looking at a focal image… shouldn’t she? Maybe. It doesn’t feel like there is a focal image on the right page. Elements, yes… but none stands out. All in all, I like it. Just not sure what the next step will be. Tomorrow will tell. Happy Thursday!



2 thoughts on “10/15/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Gluing Down Elements

  1. I like that you cut the doily and the door into strips before gluing them down. I do that quite often. I think it adds interest. I journal on pages that don’t have focal points.


    • I cut the strips of the door frame to bring the black and white and the door architecture into the left side of the page. Tearing the doily into strips is something I do without thinking about it… just one of the things I do. I can’t imagine what I will do with the page from here… but that’s half of the adventure!! Thank you so much for your comment!!


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