10/14/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: A Step At A Time – Choices

This morning I looked at my page and grabbed some file folders of magazine images and started to rip and tear! My first image was of a tree with pretty pink lights… not sure that the shade of pink wasn’t a bit too vibrant for the page but I try to never second guess and pulled it and put it in my pile. I try to be as open as possible when I am pulling ideas for elements because you never know where it might take you. Something that you think couldn’t possibly work but catches your eye… is catching it for a reason. Trust yourself. Besides, most of the time you don’t end up using all pulled images in the page you are working on. But there is always a reason for a choice.


When it came to my focal image it was that way. Initially I pulled the lady in beige. She had an ephemeral kind of soft focus look that I thought might go good with the page and some of the flower elements I had ripped out. Then I found the black and white door girl. There was something about the contrast of the pink with the black and white. The rectangular shapes of the door and the frame that I thought really looked nice with the soft curves of the pink flower bits.

Once I decided to try the door girl… I moved the images around to see how I might like the page best.

Not sure what I will do… but I definitely like how it is progressing!

I have run out of time for today. Tomorrow I will look at it again and maybe start gluing. Happy Wednesday!



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