10/13/15 Art Journaling Page: One Step At A Time

My week is starting a day late. I was really sick yesterday and Sunday and didn’t do my practice at all. Don’t feel so good today but have gotten up, gotten dressed and smeared some paint on a spread. Not sure how today will be but I will just take one step at a time.

Wanted a stripeity white washed looked. Globbed some pink paint on the page. Put down a little too much and ended up using a credit card to smooth it across the entire page of the right side of spread. Didn’t have quite so much paint on the left side so it is a bit splotchy. My intention was to make three stripes of color and add white in-between. After all the pink paint was down I decided to just add some white stripes. I added it on top of the pink. I didn’t scrape so much of the white paint but rather smooshed it down to make it more opaque and blotchy.

One thing about using paint is that you have to wait for it to dry. So that will be all for today. Happy Tuesday!




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