9/30/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making An Art Journal Page

Today is glue time! I also found a few more images to add to the right side of the spread.

This time I used a liquid matte medium to glue my images. I glued back and over the top. As you can see (especially the woman’s face on the left) there are lots of wrinkles. Even though I really like the smooth effect a glue stick gives to glued down images… I end up feeling that the entire page is more organically connected when I use glue over the top of the page. On a collage page where only glue stick is used on the back of magazine images there is a “magazine page gloss” on those images that the rest of the page doesn’t have. I would love to find a matte medium that doesn’t wrinkle but from what I understand that is the nature of the beast. I have also heard if you can put an equal amount of glue across the entire image it won’t wrinkle (by using a credit card…) I have tried that and I didn’t see much of a difference.

Thats all my time. Happy Wednesday!



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