9/23/15 Making an Art Journal Page, My Art Journaling Practice



Today started with me looking at this page and deciding what to do next.

I love the idea of the yellow stenciled feathers but they blend a little too much into the page. I pulled out my yellow acrylic paint and painted over the feathers so that they were a little more opaque. I also outlined them with a black brush pen, so they would be a bit more distinct on the page.

I used water soluble oil pastels to outline some of the individual images. I used gray for the purse, brick-red for the gray tree elements, and a slate gray for the red and white bits. I rubbed them in to blur the line so it looked more like a shadow. This really helps integrate the bits into the page but I think it makes them look more artful.

Here is a section that I just scribbled on red water soluble oil pastels.

Then I smudged it in…

Here is how today looks after my practice.


That’s all the time I have. Tomorrow I will probably do some more work on the gray shadow on the purse to blend it a bit more. I might add some glitter or shine somehow. If I have time I might finish up with a bit of journaling. We will see.  Have a great day!



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