9/22/2015 Making an Art Journal Page, My Art Journaling Practice

Funtime! Time to start placing elements on the page and see what I like and don’t like. I grab my collage bits and try them out in different ways on the page. What do I like? What don’t I like. Do I like this here or do I like it better over here. It’s a process that I let happen naturally. I don’t stay in this step too long because I don’t want to over think it.


This time I am using Gel Medium to glue down my collage pieces. I also brush gel medium on top of the images, to make sure they are glued down well and to add a less glossy surface so it will be easier to write, doodle, or whatever on top. (Even if my gel medium is “glossy” it is easy to write over than just the glossy magazine surface).


It needed a little something… so I pulled out a stencil and added a white curvy design in a few of the darker places on the page. After looking the page over I thought it needed more color… the red was nice but it needed something more. So I grabbed some yellow acrylic paint and stenciled on some feathers.

Like it much better but the yellow of the feathers is a little transparent. Hmmm. I have run out of time for today.

Have a great day!



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