9/21/2015 Making an Art Journal Page, My Art Journaling Daily Practice

It’s a brand new week! I am starting a new art journal spread today. Initially I had an idea in mind involving black paint… but my schedule has changed (as usual, it seems) and my time is really limited. What to do?



I open my art journal to the next page. As you can see… this really isn’t an art journal but a daily planner. A really great daily planner because it contains pictures and quotes and poems… most of which I don’t use but sometimes I do. Most of all. it is nice not having a completely blank page. You might also notice that this page is marked February/March. I do not worry or even try to follow the dating. It’s nice if your pages kind of coincide with the time of year you are experiencing but it’s not imperative… nothing about art journaling is imperative… which is probably why I like it.

My next step is to grab a magazine and start tearing out things that I like. I do this quickly and try not to over think the process. I find the faster I do this the better. Here is my stack of torn out stuff:


You have probably noticed the cut out of the big ol’ purse. It is really kind of big image for my spread but I love it, so I am going to make it work. (Another option is to reduce it a bit in a copy machine… but that takes the challenge out of figuring out how to make it fit).

No time to glue these down but I did lay them out on the page to see what I might like:


That’s all for now!




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