Junk Journal Update

I promised an update of my Junk Journal. It took me so long because I really didn't like how the cover came out. The papers I chose, maroon and purple zebra stripes and light purple and maroon leopard spots, looked good until I glued it to my journal. Once I did it just looked so dark and uninviting. The leopard accent paper wasn't so bad but there wasn't enough of it. Yuck.


Adding clear glitter glue on the dark patterns just made bad worse. Somehow the glue turned the dark maroon color an aweful green. Yes, I double checked, the glitter glue was clear. I could have added more of something or paint over it and try again but I was afraid of making it even worse. So in instances where I am not satisfied with how a project came out, I just set it aside, wait a bit then re-evaluate.

So, here it is. I really like the ribbons and bows.


Inside, I added scrapbook paper, used ink pad and crumpled the paper page, and then to fill in the rest of the pages I used acrylic paint and applied with a credit card. What is nice about the paint/card technique is that you end up applying only a very thin amount of paint that dries quickly. I painted all the pages in two sittings. I tried hard to have my two page spreads have similar colors so that both pages kind of go together.



Truthfully, I have not even started filling it yet. Not sure why. Probably because I have moved on to some other projects. The truth is I have more than plenty of junk to add to my Junk Journal… I just need to set aside some time to put it in! Once I do, I will do another update.

Have you made a Junk Journal? How did you make it? What was your favorite ways to decorate the pages? What have you put in it? What is your favorite part of your Junk Journal?





6 thoughts on “Junk Journal Update

  1. I love your blog.
    I’m new to art journaling.
    I haven’t made a junk journal yet but totally intend to do so.
    I like yours.
    I have a couple journals that I work in now. Actually about 5 I can’t lie.
    I am adhd- add – ocd. So I get bored with one book quick and I HAVE to have others to jump too.
    Hubby and I recently just moved into a house we are buying and I have an entire room all to myself and my craft stuff. In our last place which was an apartment all I had was this 10×6 walkin closet.
    I like journaling about things that out on my mind at the time I start a page or spread. I like keeping reciepts and tickets to put in my journals and if I come across a quote that I like sometimes I’ll make an entire page using it.
    Thanks for sharing your art journaling with us.


    • You are new to art journaling? That is fantastic! So far, how do you like to art journal? Do you like to paint or collage, doodle or color? The best advise I could give you is to have fun… Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Love the journal. The bows definitely helped the front cover. Love what you’ve done inside.nare you going to write in it at all?

    I have 3 journals , and I love them. I mostly draw or paint in them. I can’t actually draw but I try ๐Ÿ™‚


    • This was going to be more for junk but I have thought about using it as an combo art journal and junk journal. I actually started to… I started a mandala that I was going to add journaling to. I titled the page “Mandala Magic” but never got around to finishing and journaling.
      When I art journal I usually collage magazine images, then paint, doodle, journal… I draw a little and have started a small journal just for a drawing a day… I just don’t have a lot of experience drawing. I love being able to look at my funny little drawings. I really should do more of it and that means practice. Maybe I will be brave enough to try again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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