Sojourn 8/Junque Journal Update – Tabs

I have added tabs to my Junque Journal. You wouldn't think that would take a lot of thought. But there are some important things to consider. If I do tabs, how many? How do I want to label them? How will I use my junque Journal if I tab it? Now I have seen Alpha tabs, Number tabs, Weekly tabs, Monthly tabs. I dismissed the Weekly and Monthly tabs because for this Junque Journal because I don't want it to be date specific. I want to be able to add junk in whenever I want and not have to worry about dates and stuff. That kinda rules out the 1-31 number tabs too. Not sure how I would use them. Unless I just put them in for fun and no purpose. Which I could (and probably would do, if I don't come up with a better plan.) I think I have decided on using the Alpha tabs. If I use Alpha tabs I can sort of file all the awesome junk I will be adding, like letters under “L”, tickets under “T”.

Since that is decided, I grabbed my post-it tabs and started tapeing them in. I wanted them to be permanent so I packing taped the front and back of the tabs so they for sure won't come loose.



I liked how all the colorful tabs looked but… They looked a bit boring… Maybe if I added a bit of washi tape!


Yep! I really liked that. I labeled the tabs in black Sharpie.


Then I just had a giant tab-o-rama and started putting tabs on all sorts of stuff. I found a “Primary” composition book that has the special lined pages for practicing writing letters. Snatched one up and decided I would use that as a Daily Lettering Practice Book. So I added Daily Tabs with Washi to that!



I even grabbed my Planner/Journal that I keep in my purse and added tabs with Washi to my Monthly Pages! That suddenly made my Planner seem fun (where it was looking very boring and serious).

Then I ran out of time. So I will have to wait to have more Junque Journal fun! Have you decided to put together a Junque Journal? Let me know how it is going?



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