Why Art Journal?

Why should you art journal? There are all sorts of reasons… and I can’t decide your reasons for you. Do you want to have fun? Experiment? Document your life? Document your inner thoughts? Make a mess daily? Have a creative daily/weekly/monthly… practice? Keep track of your life? Plan your day? Goof off? Be rebellious? Save your junque? Make beautiful art? Make interesting art? A quick and dirty Scrapbook replacement? Make art for art’s sake, beautiful or not? Daily doodle? … That is just a small list of reason you could art journal. And you, only YOU can decide.

Me, well I think I art journal to break free of the ordinary. Ordinary written journal pages, ordinary planner pages with lists, goals, appointments, expectations… ordinary notes on works subjects. The daily grind of left brain spreadsheets, word documents, calendars, appointments, chores, responsibilities… that end up sometimes looking so gray and bleak. No fun in sight! No reprieve! Just work and responsibilities! YUCK! It is so easy when you are inundated with all this kind of stuff to forget the sun is shining, the butterflies are fluttering, rain is softly falling… and your life is gently passing. Art Journaling, for me, reminds me, there is more! Besides, rebelliously, I love adding fun, and color and mischief to my otherwise mundane work, just because I can! I can remember, life is fun! Life is beautiful! Life is an experiment! Life is passing!

But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to art journal to remember. When I was a kid, my mom had two photo albums that she kept on the livingroom coffee table. They were of our family… and was pretty much up to date. I use to love flipping through the pages. As time passed, making more albums didn’t happen. Mom had to work, life got busy… But I always remembered the joy I had, remembering those times. It wasn’t about the photos… it was the memories. Precious and so full of Life and Love!

Art journaling gives me a way to remember my life’s goings on, but in the simplest, quickest, way possible… if that’s what I need in order to just get a memory down on a page.


Or it can be complex and lovely.


It can be a mess.

Anything. And the truth is, no matter what you put down in your art journal, it reflects… it spills your life. You will always have a reminder of the day. The day… the days… the months… that seem to speed by faster and faster as you live your life. For me, a beautiful, artful page is nice… and reminds me of what was happening, but sometime it is the art journal days filled with junque… movie tickets, scraps of paper from web searches, book lists, song lists, blog posts… these are so fascinating and telling to look back on.



They tell the story. They tell the story of you… what you were doing, interested in… In the most intriguing way.


And regardless of if you believe it or not, anyone can art journal (just call it creative journaling, or junque journaling or be brave and call it all of the above!) If you can tape or glue paper, slap paint, doodle like you do when on a long boring phone call, yes, you can art journal!


So why do I Art Journal. Mainly to remember… to remember I was here… and “Hey, I did that… saw that… felt that… learned that and… made that!! And it feels like me… what I should be doing, called to be doing, somehow. It’s me… its my life…

Why do you Art Journal? Or why do you want to… think you might want to? I would love to know!




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